The RIGHT Realtor


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The easiest way to ruin your real estate transaction is by working with the wrong Realtor.

Finding the right Realtor isn't easy.  In fact, it's almost impossible to get a true expert in your buying or selling niche (and yes, there's a huge difference between a Realtor that specializes in selling condos to first time home buyers, and a Realtor that knows how to navigate a VA transaction).  Real estate is the lowest cost, easiest to enter licensed profession in all 50 States. With some states licensing in excess of 5,000 new agents every year, your choices are virtually endless when trying to pick a Realtor.


Hire a professional to weed through the plethora of Realtors available in your local area, and narrow it down to 3 highly qualified candidates based on your specific needs.  No sleazy Realtor sales pitches, no random drawing of a name based on agents that have paid us for spitting their name out.  True white glove service where we learn as much about you and your specific needs, and then implement our highly specialized system to find the RIGHT Realtor for YOU.

And we'll do it all at no cost to you!

  • Have you or someone you know ever worked with a Realtor who failed to market a home or find qualified buyers?
  • Who showed you homes well outside your stated price range in hopes of making a few extra bucks?
  • Who significantly mispriced your home so you lost money on the sale in the end?
  • Who bungled the inspection process so the deal fell through?
  • Who was late to meetings, never returned phone calls or followed through on promises?

Realtor Detective is a service that helps our clients avoid entering into relationships with unqualified Realtors.  We specialize in finding the RIGHT Realtor for YOUR needs.  We do extensive research in your local market to identify those agents who's experience is tailored to your specific needs, are highly regarded by not only their clients, but by other agents, mortgage brokers and other vendors with whom they work. We identify those hardworking agents who are committed to helping their clients buy or sell their home, putting their clients’ needs first. We find two or three stellar agents and let you make the final choice, based on your specific needs, communication style and personality. Best of all, there’s no cost to you.