About Erin



Erin Childs worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Realtor for nearly five years. She was well on her way to developing her business when she and her then-husband moved to Texas; his demanding career required frequent moves. Real estate isn’t a virtual business; it requires hard work and constant, on-the-ground relationship-building. The prospect of moving every few years and starting over made Erin realize that her current lifestyle was not compatible with a real estate career, and she made the very difficult decision to leave the industry.



Erin kept looking back . . .


She enjoyed her real estate experience and looked for a way to stay connected. She’d been well trained by several hardworking agents who were fierce client advocates. She also learned another sad fact about the real estate industry: the prospect of generating significant revenue combined with a low bar to entry results in agents who operate in a state of constant chaos brought on by their own incompetence. While many of these agents eventually leave, others hang on, further polluting an industry which does not police itself very well. 



A thorough vetting of the opposing agent


Erin learned from both the good and bad agents. She became skilled at thoroughly researching the agents she’d be facing in negotiations. She’d check with the local Association of Realtors and contact brokers and lenders who worked with them to gain insights into how they worked with their clients and what kinds of relationships they had with their colleagues and vendors. 


A Bright Future

After many years away, she's come full circle back to her roots.  She's based out of the gorgeous Inland Northwest, and is ready to put her vast wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate to work for you. She's seen first hand the need for a real estate agent vetting processes, and since she couldn’t find one, she decided to fill the need herself. She believes that matching the right buyers and sellers to the right Realtors improves the health of the market and communities by promoting healthy business partnerships and deep, long lasting relationships.